How To Be Really Happy!

Specification and Installation Instructions for the FA777 Meditation Module

The following is a "for fun" discussion of realigning the mind for happiness.

Scope of Operation

The Life-force Automation and Control computer (hereinafter referred to as "mind") for the current model Homo Sapiens comes from the factory in a very pure form having been modeled from the image of the manufacturer's own Cosmic Mind.  At the factory it was invested with software which has the capability of rewriting its own code in order to adapt to changing circumstances and demands imposed by eons of evolution and travel in time and space.  The mind was designed to be ported easily from one physical vehicle (body) to the next.  The memory capacity is astronomical in proportion, as data is stored in a holographic memory bank, which interpenetrates several dimensions or subtle planes of existence called akasha.  However, most minds have not developed in evolutionary status beyond being able to access a limited amount of IAM (Immediate Access Memory).  In more advanced evolutionary stages, the memory of thousands of lifetimes becomes available.

The mind comes equipped with five (5) external communications ports (commonly referred to as "COM ports"), three of which are bi-directional.  They are the eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin (or sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling).  These are hardwired ports designed for direct connection to external objects.  The tongue, eyes and skin may also be used for outgoing data by speaking, giving a kind of "look", and touching and gesturing respectively.  In addition, a sixth wireless port has been provided which is normally referred to as intuition and has to do with the faculty of feeling subtle vibrations which permeate the ether (see Bell's Theorem, quantum physics).

The intellect is the core microprocessor for the mind.  Unique to Homo Sapiens as relates to the animal kingdom of Terra Firma, this processor is capable of performing the function of discrimination.  The manufacturer has written the initial code for the actualization of individuality and placed it in bios as the feeling of "I".  From this core, the dynamic software operates, superimposing structures on the raw data received via the COM ports.

In previous ages, the mind COM ports were more directly influenced by the patterns and rhythms of the Cosmic Mind by way of living and working closely with nature.  The sounds, sights and other sensory data gathered by the COM ports were from nature.  This input served to realign and readjust the dynamic software so that it could not stray too far from the Cosmic Mind and its inherent order.  In these days that is not the case.  Homo Sapiens live in artificial capsules or environments, which may or may not conform to natural rhythms and patterns.  This has weakened the mind in general and created inroads for various computer viruses to attack the software.  These viruses may be generally described as jealousy, anger, greed, desire, attachment and pride and are the antithesis of  the Cosmic Order.  These viruses cause mental aberrations, warps and fissures such as neurosis, psychosis, restlessness, boredom, and various other forms of malfunction.

To reduce and eliminate these negative anomalies, the FA777 Meditation Module may be installed.

The Problem

Originally, the manufacturer existed blissfully as a singularity in both formless and formed states.  On a whim the manufacturer decided it would be nice to have someone to love and so He set out to clone himself.  It was simple enough to replicate the digital encoding but to do so would be to make mere puppets.  The clone would also have to be capable of “whim”.  To this end, the manufacturer installed the feeling of “I”.  “I” is a light which reflects in the mind, as the mind, because the mind was designed to be a mirror that would delineate the reality of Self-Realization or God Realization.   Self-Realization or God Realization is what brings about the metamorphosis from clone to God.  Because the software is dynamic, the manufacturer foresaw that software lockups and endless loops were certain to occur along the way.  The clones would simmer in the cooker of time and space over eons passing from one vehicle to the next gaining experience.  The manufacturer knew that His Pinocchios would eventually get a real heart and then He would have someone to love.  To properly service the inevitable computer malfunctions the manufacturer established a computer service entry door in the collective psyche.  From time to time He has had to come and fix various problems.  He comes in disguise so as not to upset the delicately unfolding flowers that are His children’s minds.  Some of His repairman guises are Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Ammachi.  These commonly known appearances were the result of having to make large global changes in the code.  There have been many unknown and unseen appearances as well when smaller tweaks were in order.

The original “I” became what is known now as the ego module.  The problem that so often arises is that the mind thinks it is the “I” when it is nothing but so many lines of code and therefore has no inherent existence of its own.   The mind is not the “I” but the reflection of the “I”.  The body and sensory objects are then the reflection of the mind (reflections within reflections within reflections).  This glitch is caused by an inordinate amount of sensory stimulation and identification with the mind’s own reflection.  The mind and its association with the input from the COM ports cause an endless loop to occur.  That is, the mind thinks it is the objects of the mind and that causes it to be focused on the senses alone which further reinforces the idea that the mind is these objects.  This creates the overwhelming sensation that one is the body, the mind and the objects of the mind.

Eventually the COM ports, the COM port to mind wiring and the mind overheat and malfunction.  The afflictive emotions mentioned above are the result of this overheated meltdown.  The mind goes into a state of severe agitation causing restlessness, boredom and obsession with the fulfillment of an endless stream of desires.  Because of the extreme oscillation that arises from projecting an identification with objects and the desire for objects, zombification sets in and the higher mental processors (such as the intellect and feelings) shut down causing the mind to become comatose with the exception of basic operational functions such as eating, sleeping and procreating.

Once zombification has the mind in its icy grip, the capacity to steer the evolutionary mental vehicle is gone.  In zombification, the ability to discriminate disappears and the mental and physical vehicle meanders aimlessly.  The inevitable collisions that occur with the Cosmic Order cause the vehicle to also lose power and a downward spiral ensues from which there would be no escape were it not for the direct intervention of the manufacturer.

The Solution

The downward spiral and loss of steering capacity (discrimination) can be rectified by disconnecting the mind from the COM ports and parsing and debugging the errant code structures in the silence of the Substratum.  Once power is restored and steering capacity is re-enabled, the COM ports may be once again permanently reinstated in the knowledge that the so called external objects are either our own Self or they are the manifestation of the singularity of God alone.  The dynamic program logic will have established a new variable in the code called IAMTHAT or GODISALL depending on the model of Homo Sapiens.  Narcissistic delusional identification of the mind with the mind and its objects will set the variable to “false” which will initiate a corrective module called NOTTHISNOTTHAT or ILOVEGODONLY.  To this end the manufacturer has presented us with the FA777 module and given instructions for implementing it in the parsing and debugging of our evolutionary code



The manufacturer has provided a hidden function call, which can be used to open the mind and examine the code.  It is as follows:


If you are the mind, then who is it that witnesses the mind?  Who is looking at the thoughts?  This exercise in contemplation will cause the mind to realize that it is not the observer but that it is being observed.  Therefore, you are not the mind but you are the observer of the mind.  This syntax must be applied daily by way of contemplation of the command.  By detaching from the mind, we will be able to observe that the mind has erroneously constructed the thought that it is you.  This is called the "I thought".

This detachment will allow us to access the core processor which is the faculty of discrimination.  We will begin to separate the digital input at the core microprocessor level thus being able to distinguish between the mind/thoughts and our true Self.  Ultimately this will allow us to go beyond the mind and reach the aspect of eternal consciousness (our true and original Self) which is the very substratum upon which the mind was designed to function.

Meditation is the vehicle that is used to access the core of the microprocessor.  Meditation is simply stillness of the mind.  Once the state of silence is established, the core is clearly seen and understood.  This “seeing” and “understanding” is the fix.


Initially, it is important to steadfastly observe structure in our meditation practice.  Have a designated spot to practice.  Put some items there that are meaningful and which will help to make the spot special.  Burning a candle or lamp is useful.  These structured ritualized details will shore up the wavering mind, which is at present quite weak in most of us.  These aids are like putting braces on a young tree sapling to hold it straight and putting a small fence around it to protect it from animals.  When the tree is larger and stronger, these things will not be so necessary.


Most important is the attitude of persistence.  The practice must be done daily and at the same time(s).  Sit in the morning after attending to bathroom needs and the daily shower but before eating.  A full stomach makes sitting more difficult.  Also, sitting in the evening before retiring is good.  A small meditation break can be taken before lunch.  Select an amount of time to sit that is practical.  For new sitters, this could be maybe five or ten minutes.  Do not bite off more than you can chew.  It is more important to sit regularly for small amounts of time than to sit irregularly for longer amounts of time.  Regularity and rhythm is of the essence.  In the beginning, it will require some considerable effort to train the mind to sit.  After some time, the habit will become ingrained and it will be difficult to avoid or postpone sitting.


Posture is important because it is an aid to concentration.  If you have back problems or other physical limitations, you may sit in a chair.  If necessary, you can lean back in the chair.  However, it is easier to get concentration if the back is straight and it is not leaning on anything.  In the beginning you may have to lean against something.  If this is the case, lean, but have in mind working toward not leaning.  If you are in a chair, sit out on the edge of the chair.  If you sit cross-legged on the floor, try to sit with spine erect and not supported by anything else.  For most, this is more easily done if one sits on a short meditation cushion that elevates the buttocks five or six inches.


Before activating the FA777, disassociate the mind from daily activities such as business or problems.  Feel that all of our daily activities are really very small when compared to the vastness of time and space.  Leave our problems and concerns outside much like we would take off our shoes and put on special clothes before entering a clean room where we would work on sensitive sealed computer equipment.


Disconnect the wiring that runs from the mind to the COM ports and re-attach all COM port wiring to the breath mechanism.  Watch the breath, feel the breath, hear the breath, touch the breath, have only a single thought which is the breath and smell the breath (well, maybe not that one).  The COM port wiring connector modules have automatic "spring loaded" code mechanisms that will cause them to spring back to their normal connectivity and this must be controlled to prevent their unwanted return.  Only practice will facilitate this procedure and it requires patience and perseverance. 

When we notice that the COM ports have reconnected to external stimuli or the streaming of thoughts (normally referred to as "day dreaming"), simply disconnect again and re-connect to the breath.  This will have to be done repeatedly in order for the dynamic software logic to begin to re-associate its new COM port breath activity.  The dynamic software program is coded to respond to happiness.  Finding the reflecting pool of the Universal Substratum enhances the process of overriding the external connectivity of the COM ports.  In this pool, we will see the reflection of eternity as a feeling of peace, calmness, contentedness and often love.  Once the happiness of these vibrations is felt, the dynamic software program will begin to assist you in your efforts.  Until that point, much effort must be made to awaken the code to the new inward activity.

As the input from external stimuli and thought streaming diminishes, we will be able to pass through the barrier of digital dimensions and perceive directly the reflecting pool of boundless energy or awareness.  As we practice the breath connection, try to locate the brief glimmers of this peacefulness that will begin to appear.  Having thus coded the memory banks with the feeling of peace, we can begin to accelerate our inward search by recalling the coded memory of this peace.


Upon inhaling call the inner sound file "MA" which unlocks dormant digital pathways of Cosmic Love.  Upon exhaling, call the inner sound file "OM" which unlocks dormant digital pathways of Cosmic Peace (the peace that surpasseth understanding).

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