How To Be Really Happy!

Guided Meditation on the Heart

and Love for the Beloved

The path to bliss is in the Heart.  Our heart is connected to the Heart of the universe.  Not to be confused with the physical organ.  From our spiritual heart, which is anchored in our chest, we can access the love and light of the Divine.

As we turn inward and travel to the very core of our being, we will find only one The heart is the templecore – one center – one Heart.  From this one Heart, all of creation comes into being and is continually enlivened and informed by this one Heart.  Each of us shares this common source; a common Heart; the I Am That I Am.  In Hindu yogic science, this heart center, or Hridaya, is regarded as the seat of the soul.  In Sanskrit, the word “Hridaya” means “the center.”

Any real love, joy, happiness or bliss that we may experience, comes from this Heart and from nowhere else.  Unfortunately, most of us that have grown up and lived in this world, have lost touch with this oasis of magnificently beautiful being – God.

This guided meditation is an exercise in reconnecting with the Divine through the portal of the Heart.  It is also an exercise in love and devotion for our Beloved.  This can be Amma, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha the Divine Mother or whomever one considers to be the form of the Divine that attracts our attention – stirs the fires of love.

"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being."   -  Hafiz

Chrysostome heart heavenAnd when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  - Jesus, Luke 17:20-21

"This is a spiritual, undivided fire, and utterly indivisible and inseparable, for in communicating to many it is not divided into parts.  But it remains both undivided and in myself; it springs up in me from within my heart like the sun or like the solar disc, spherical, and showing itself radiant like a flame, I do not know, as was said, what to say about this, and I wish to keep silent – if only I could!"     - St. Symeon  (c. 949–1022), Hymns of Divine Eros

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Meditation TextTrue love is awareness

Meditating on the Heart - Love for the Beloved

Sit upright in a comfortable position with your spine as straight as possible.

Close your eyes.  Use your mind and your feeling nature to go deep within yourself.  (10 sec)

Feel all stress and strain leaving your body.  Feel your mind becoming empty and dissolving into the ocean of silence.  (30 sec)

Feel your body and your mind becoming totally relaxed.  Be fully aware of the present moment.  (2 min)

As your attention goes deeper, the waves in the mind slowly subside.  (15 sec)

Feel the presence of your Beloved.  Allow the love, compassion and light of your Beloved to flow into you.  (30 sec)

Let your mind sink even deeper into perfect stillness.  (2 min)

Now let us surrender ourselves to the sacred syllable OM by chanting it three times.  As you chant OM, look deep within and feel it rising from the core of your being or from your navel.

[Chant OM]

Feel the vibrations of OM flooding the rivers of your nervous system and permeating your entire body.  (1 min)

Focus your attention at the place that is the center of your chest.  Imagine a pinpoint of brilliant white light at this place illumining the cavity of your chest.  (30 sec)

Feel the intensity of this white light permeating your body with a feeling of warmth, joy, healing and wellbeing.  (10 sec)

Feel and see the light expanding until it overflows the chest cavity and radiates out into space with moving, scintillating streamers of beautiful light reaching for several miles.  (30 sec)

Look deeply into the light in the center of the chest as though looking through a door or a portal.  Look through it into the vast space of inner being.  Now you see the brilliant light of the Great Central Sun of existence the essence of your Beloved -  the common core of every being.  This is the Atmasurya or “sun of the Atman; the Sacred Heart; the sun behind all suns.”  Allow yourself to go into it and allow the light to envelope you.  (10 sec)

Allow the light to enter your world and mind and consume everything that you are.  Surrender to this light.  Feel it coming up from deep within your heart and pouring through the portal in the chest.  Feel that you are sinking into the light and you are being flooded by it.  Let go completely and fall joyously into this light.  (2 min)

Now feel love pouring out of your heart from the Great Central Sun blessing the entire universe and all beings.  (5 sec)

Feel love for all the subtle beings.  (5 sec) 

Feel love for all human beings.  (5 sec) 

Feel deep love for Mother Earth.  (5 sec) 

Feel love for all plants.  (5 sec) 

Feel love for all animals including insects and down to single celled beings.  (5 sec) 

Feel love for the entire universe. 

Visualize your beloved in front of you.  Mentally bow to your Beloved.  Your Beloved is looking at you with so much love, compassion and tenderness causing your heart to melt with profound bliss and joy.  (10 sec)

Feel your Beloved as being very dear and close to you and that your Beloved happily and lovingly accepts you just the way you are.  (10 sec)

Feel love flowing out from yourself to your Beloved.  Feel this love intensely like a roaring fire of bliss.  (30 sec)

Now feel love coming from your Beloved to you.  Know that you are deeply and profoundly loved.  (30 sec)

Visualize yourself as a small child perhaps 5 or 6 years old.  Feel your lightness and innocence.  (30 sec)

Now see your Beloved sitting in front of you.  Walk over to your Beloved and climb up onto his or her lap.  Your Beloved is going to help you.  (5 sec)

Put your arms around your Beloved’s neck and whisper so softly and with abundant deep feeling, “I love you so very much!” (10 sec)

Mentally repeat saying, “I love you so very much” with deep feeling several times with pauses in between.  (10 sec)

Feel your Beloved hugging you so tenderly as you hug your Beloved.  Stay like this for a few moments feeling the warm flow of love coursing between you and your Beloved. (30 sec)

Visualize and try to feel tears flowing out of your eyes.  Ask your Beloved to give you the gift of tears.  (10 sec)

Now turn around and sit on your Beloved’s lap facing outward toward the world.  Your Beloved is still holding you and you are still a small child.  Your Beloved is going to help you.  (10 sec)

We will now chant lokah-ha – samasta-ha – sukino – bhavantu which prays for all the beings in all the worlds to be happy and peaceful.  As we say each chant, feel immense love coming up from the Great Central Sun in your heart and pouring out into the world and beyond.  Feel great love, compassion and affection for the entire universe.  We will chant this 9 times. 

When it is over, you may continue to mentally say this chant and feel your love radiating out into the world.  Do this for as long as you feel like it.  Think of all the beings and feel love for them.  Before we say each chant, we will hear the word “love” as a cue to begin the chant.  After each of the 9 chants, we will pause for a while to feel our love flowing out to the world.


 The Fireplace

When the howling winds of despair
Whistle and whine
In the doorway of your life

When the cold rain of sadness
Beats against the window panes
Of your soul

Pull up a chair
And warm your hands
Gazing into the fireplace
Of your heart

Surrender yourself
To the beautiful light and love
Of your own magnificent being

Look deeply
And feel the warmth
And well-being of your heart
Filling the rivers
Of your mind and body
With ecstatic love

Experience the unfathomable beauty
That pops and crackles
In the burning embers of peace
Smile with joy
That there is so much light and love
In the fireplace of your heart

From the author’s book,  A Cup of Tea – Secrets for the Muse

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